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About Us

It is our mission to promote the amateur radio hobby to those interested in radio communications.  We provide the opportunity to gain experience in radio communications, theory, technology, and fellowship.  We use various methods for communication:  VOIP/ROIP, Social Media (Facebook and now the DigiCommCafe Community),  RF linking and experimentation.

Why You Should Join

We know that you have some unique experiences, skills and understanding in a particular area of digital communications and we need you to share those with us so we can all grow together and become the best operators as possible. Non-hams and new young hams are looking for good Elmers to help them along. We believe this community is an excellent place for you to effectively offer your services. To get your feet wet and enjoy the fellowship without joining, simply add the DigiCommCafe on Zello which is linked to the same on the IRN network on TeamSpeak3. There are special benefits to being an actual member such as contests and drawings that won't apply to those on Zello only. 

Meet with us at TheGuild Breakfast Club each Saturday morning at 1300 UTC and enjoy the fellowship and special guests that we will feature on given topics. The DigiCommCafe is an outreach of TheGuild (Worldwide Amateur Radio Guild) and we invite you to join TheGuild and enjoy the many benefits of our growing community.

A Big Thanks

We want to thank all members for their enthusiasm and efforts to invite your friends to join us. Thank you, too, for keeping the conversations civil and always helpful and your help making this a safe place for open discussion about a multitude of different subjects.

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